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Patent management software that lets you share your findings—hassle-free.

We all know that two heads are better than one. Most patent management software, however, makes working together difficult so you end up with mammoth Excel spreadsheets and endless email threads. Patent Vault puts a stop to that.

Import, analyze, share.

The biggest issue with traditional tools is that they are closed systems: they lose their efficacy—if they ever had it in the first place—the moment you bring others into the picture. Patent Vault makes collaboration seamless. As someone once said,

“Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.”

Clean it up.

Gather all your patents in one place, no matter where they are from. No more racing through different applications: it’s time to give your patent database a spring clean.

Patent list import

Import your patents from Excel spreadsheets or any other product from the Patentcloud lineup and increase your productivity by focusing on one tool only.

Unpublished application management

Our patent management software even lets you import and manage unpublished patent applications: just fill in the handy import template and leave us with the hassle of organizing them.

Customizable folders

Categorize patents with the customizable, hierarchical folders that make sense to you. Our brains work differently: why force everyone to use the same system?

Automatic monitoring

Scared of missing something? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: if a patent’s legal status changes or if new results for your search query become available, we’ll let you know.

Dive into the details.

Be it for a quick evaluation or a thorough investigation; charts are an integral part of any patent analysis report. Patent Vault can do both.

Basic Analysis

Pick from a handful of pre-configured statistical charts to satisfy the most common visualization needs: line charts, bar charts, or pie charts.

Advanced Analysis

Patent Vaultは強力な機能性を備えています。2レベルのパテントマトリックスダッシュボードは、ピボット分析表と同様に、自己選択したデータに基づいてカスタムチャートを作成し、各特許データを正確に分析することができます。

Let’s work together.

Seamless collaboration and smooth communication are the norm in Patent Vault, no matter how big your team or organization is.

Invite collaborators

Are you working in a team? Invite your colleagues to work with you in Patent Vault, or share reports and analyses with anyone, anytime. Is your team expanding? Don’t worry: add more seats and permissions as your business grows.

Share memos

Annotate your thoughts on the patent’s specification, claims, and even drawings. Taking endless email threads out of the equation encourages open discussions and idea-sharing.

Control permissions

Information leaking is a big deal: manage access to confidential documents or folders to prevent that from happening within your organization.

Want more?

Powerful Alone, Stronger Together.

As far as patent management software goes, Patent Vault is perfectly functional by itself. Managing and analyzing patents will never be easier; why not experience the same in all areas of your patent work? Try it with other products from the Patentcloud family—you’ll never look back.

All your patent activities, in one place.

Patent Vault is much more than just patent management software: it acts as the backbone of every stage of the patent lifecycle,
from patent searches and patent filings to patent monetization.


Prior art searches
Freedom to operate searches
State-of-the-art searches
Deployment strategies
Pre-filing analysis


Global deployment
Competitive patent intelligence


Buying and selling


That’s why we have a 14-day free trial—try our patent management software and get rid of that Excel spreadsheet for good.