Patentcloud’s New Claim Chart Function: Prior Art Analytics in Quality Insights


Dear Patentcloud Users,

With the increasing number of US patent litigation cases, we are delighted to introduce a new tool in Quality Insights called Prior Art Analytics. This helps legal professionals to quickly create a claim chart that compares a patent’s claims to the potential prior art.


Quality Insights: Prior Art Analytics

Prior Art Analytics enables you to compare the relevant US prior art references from Family Prior Art, Prior Art Finder, and Semantic Prior Art with the claims of the patent at issue.


It automatically calculates the percentage of claim elements that have previously been disclosed in the file wrapper, as well as the disclosure rate of the selected prior art.


In seconds, the claim elements of the patent at issue are instantly matched to the abstract, specification, and claims of the selected reference.


Need more information? Take advantage of these free resources: Help Center article, request a demo, or get your 2 free validity analysis reports.



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